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I Can Show Off My Legs Again With Variderm – Review

varidermVariderm was my #1 Solution for varicose veins. I had tried everything and they would not go away. The doctor recommended surgical treatment, but the procedure was considered to be cosmetic and my insurance wouldn’t cover it. I am struggling financially, but I was ready to invest some money into this unsightly condition. I didn’t know where to turn. I needed to get my veins healthy again and try to heal them myself.

There are several natural treatment methods out there for varicose veins and I was considering going this route. I just didn’t feel confident in most products because they seemed to be ineffective and really expensive. I wanted something that was safe and all-natural that had a guarantee with it in case I wasn’t happy with the results.


Variderm Helps With Vein Repair From The Inside Out

varicoseI was impressed with the way Variderm gives my body the support it needs inside to repair vein walls. Ingredients I trusted like; Witch Hazel, Niacin, Butchers Broom and Oat Straw. All of these and more work together to support my body while it is healing those small circulatory vessels and improve blood flow. I felt good about using it and Variderm worked surprisingly fast.

I felt better in a matter of days. Gone were the throbbing pains in my legs while standing. Gone were the bulging bumps that made me constantly want to cover my legs in embarrassment. I could stand again for more than five minutes and I went to the beach for the first time in years wearing shorts.


Peace Of Mind When Ordering

Variderm gives me peace of mind when ordering with their 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If I am ever not satisfied, I just send my order back for a full refund. They also make the product in an FDA Registered Facility which tests regularly for quality, purity and strength. They follow cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices)  and standards of the US Pharmacopeia. I found out these aren’t just fancy labels, manufacturers really do have to hold up to standards to have these icons on their sites.

money_backThe customer service is wonderful and makes me feel like they really do care. They can answer any questions that I have about the product and really make me feel at ease when I call. There are no strings attached, no automatic shipping and the product is guaranteed for 60 Days.


I Can’t Thank You Enough Variderm

Variderm gave me my legs back and took away my pain and suffering. Convenient dosing and excellent value made it easy for my recovery from this unsightly and painful condition. I only had to take 2 Capsules, Three Times A Day for quick relief and noticeable results. I didn’t feel any side-effects and was surprised at how effective it was. I can’t thank the makers of Variderm enough for their careful research on the Best Product to relieve varicose veins naturally!

I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from varicose veins and am so happy with what it did for my legs!

Published: September 2

What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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Some words of caution:  Never suppress or brush aside a traumatic experience.  The after-effects of trauma (post-trauma) leave a cloud of uncertainty and fear (stress) on its victim. (more…)

Published: August 2

How to Talk To Your Teenager

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Being a teenager in the world today can be frightening and stressful.  Among teens the most commonly reported health problem is depression. Many young people face bullying every day in school and 25 percent of all school children have experienced cyber-bullying.  It’s hard to fit in at school and make friends, along with planning for college or a future job.  Then there is the temptation of drugs and alcohol to contend with.The environment of the family plays an important role in the choices that young people make.

If you thought being a teenager was hard, then being a parent is even tougher, and maybe the hardest job that you can have.  A parent must take care of their child emotionally, and protect them from the physical dangers of drugs and alcohol.   They must teach their teenager to make good choices so that they can succeed in life.  Communicating with your teen is essential, but also very difficult.  We all wish we had an instruction manual on ‘How to Talk to Your Teenager’.  What should we do to help our teenage children?

When talking to your teenager, the first thing you must be careful of is your tone of voice.  Don’t let your anger, frustration, or worry show.  This can be very difficult, but is important if you want to get through to your kid.  Often your voice will change and you are not even aware of it.  Teenagers usually think that the parent is speaking angrily, even though that is not the parent’s intention.  Try to keep an even tone of voice, and be constructive and non-judgmental.  Don’t try to talk like a kid.  Your teenager wants you to be their parent, not their best friend.

Showing your love to your teenager is important to them, even though they may not show that they care.  Your relationship to your child may determine your child’s well-being now and in the future.  Parents have power over their child’s self-esteem and can hurt them emotionally with a cutting remark or criticism.

Choose to correct or offer some advice on important matters.  Don’t nag on every little thing or your child will tune you out and not listen.  But don’t shy away from talking about sex, alcohol, and drugs.  These topics are important and your teenager needs to know where you stand on them. Try to understand your teenager’s point of view.  Talk to them so that you know what is going on in their lives.  Make them feel comfortable to come to you when they have a problem.  Spend time with your child and have some fun experiences with them. If you are there for them, they will feel more comfortable opening up to you.

It is important that your child knows that you will support and love them no matter what they do.  Reach out to your child.  Listen to them and let them know that their feelings and thoughts do matter.  If you want to learn how to talk to your teenager, then really listen to them.  Show that you accept them and will support them.  But it is also important to let them have their independence.

Important tips on how to talk to your teenager

  1. Love them without conditions.
  2. Listen to them and don’t judge.
  3. Don’t make cutting remarks to your child.  If you need to correct them, focus on the behavior that you want them to change, not on the child themselves.
  4. Let your teenager talk to you without interrupting them.  Ask them how they feel about things.
  5. Tell them that there will be no consequences if they need to dial 911 for themselves or for a friend. Too many teenagers die from alcohol or drugs because they were afraid to call for help.

Published: July 5

Why Quit Smoking

ashtray and cigaret on fire unhealthy habits

Smoking is one of the worst habits anyone can have. In fact you should know that people who do smoke wish that they did not smoke at all. Imagine living with that feeling of hatred for this nasty habit each day. There is powerless of not being able to quit, denial about what the habit does to you, and just the longing for the next smoke. 5 million people on this planet are dying from the use of tobacco and cigarette products. That number has to stop and the only way that it is going to stop is through quitting.

What are the reasons to quit then? Well here they are:

  • It will be a huge benefit to your health(decreasing your risk of lung cancer for instance)
  • Taking back control of willpower
  • You might know someone who died due to a serious smoking habit
  • The independence from nicotine addiction is one of the most powerful feelings you can ever have
  • No more bad breath!
  • Teeth will look good!
  • Smoking is not as cool as it was when you started your habit.
  • Encouragement from family and friends
  • No more spending money on tobacco that can be used for more important things

Grab that piece of paper and pen and write down that long list of reasons that you have for yourself personally. You might find one big hefty list. Some of you will find one short list with maybe only one reason. Sometimes one reason is all you need. Take one good look at that list once it is written and use it as the tool needed to push you in the right direction.

So if you are ready to take the next step and quit then good for you. You have to have that patience because the process will take some time. Take it day by day and do not rush anything at all. The more time that goes by the better off you will be in regards to quitting. If you can go cold turkey then go for it. However for some of you that little extra help might be needed. You have everything from friends and family to the good old nicotine patch.

Sometimes even talking about your habit to a quitter can be just the perfect thing. It can give you that extra boost of willpower and it gives you the opportunity to share with one another.

Quit today and never look back again!

Published: June 29